What is Adamour?

Adamour capsules will help you have a hard erection 10 minutes immediately after taking them. Adamour increases the sensitivity of the penis for this and taking it will allow you to explode the pleasure and sexual experience. It is a capsule which is completely natural and acts immediately and effectively.

Many men have been known to struggle with erection problems since ancient times, successfully using natural, powerful aphrodisiacs. In today’s era where the environment is more toxic than in the past, stress is prevalent and affects the sexual libido, not having a strong erection is not so rare.

Not to mention, foods and substances that boost libido like seafood or avocado simply don’t give any serious effect. If you’re having trouble with your erection you definitely can’t eat certain foods and just wait.

You need something quick and drastic like an erection-boosting formulation within a few minutes. A supplement like Adamour is the real solution to your problem.

According to official statistics, 33% of men around the world are experiencing or have experienced at least one time an erection problem. The reasons can be : hormonal imbalances, prolonged sexual abstinence and even overweight. In addition, sexually transmitted infections, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can affect the erection.

Failure to achieve an erection can lead to anxiety, irritability or prolonged depression. Erection problems can be dangerous for the development of prostate and prostatitis. It also often leads to separation of partners and loss of self-esteem. There is an easy way to regain your lost erection and this easy way goes by the name of Adamour.

How to boost your libido naturally

The strength of our libido, our sex drive, is individual to each person. Low levels don’t necessarily imply with an erectile dysfunction problem. But if one wants to boost it, one can try many functional and completely natural methods.

Just as the prostate can be positively affected by consuming different herbs and organic products for this purpose. There are foods that are good and bad for it! The urge for physical intimacy can be influenced by a wide range of different social, psychological and emotional factors.

You may need to boost your metabolism with biological methods. Or detoxify yourself from eating habits and hectic lifestyles. Maybe you just need a quality sleep.

Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ways to boost your masculinity and promote mutual satisfaction in bed:

  • Eliminate stress: A 2017 study on erectile dysfunction in young men concludes that depression leads to decreased libido and sexual dysfunction. Treat it with good personal hygiene, time for hobbies and relaxation, good nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Improve the quality of your relationship: Very often, lack of sexual desire has nothing to do with lack of attraction. You may feel alienated in the relationship. Make sure you sit down and discuss your problem with your partner.
  • Start with foreplay: Men often wonder why they can’t satisfy their partners. This is often attributed to the fact that they are missing out on some important details, such as partner stimulation and erotic play.

How can Adamour help me?

The specially developed formula that intensifies the process of blood reaching the penis works in 4 ways.

The primary action of Adamour is to cause a man to get a quick erection. Of course, it doesn’t happen in an instant, as one has to wait a few minutes. This is actually good, though – one can use this time to, say, go to the toilet, get ready and then discover Adamour has started working.

The second stage of action consists of increasing sexual sensations during sexual intercourse. In a way, both the man and the woman experience positive effects from the action of the formulation. The partner may be more satisfied with prolonged sex, which greatly improves his mental peace of mind.

The third effect is related to blood flow in the erogenous zones. It means that the pills have an enhancing effect on the experiences. Every touch is felt sometimes stronger, which makes the penis hard for a long time.

The last, fourth stage of action is the volumetric increase in sperm count. The preparation motivates the organs to work more intensively, resulting in the production of an impressive supply of sperm.

Why is Adamour so effective in its action?

The active ingredients of the Adamour preparation increase libido and improve potency. Another action of this particular preparation is increased erogenous action and higher sperm count during ejaculation.

Adamour ingredients

Adamour medicine includes unique natural ingredients collected in different parts of our planet:

Catuaba. This powerful aphrodisiac native to the Brazilian forests increases blood flow to the vessels of the penis, providing a long erection. An extract from one plant helps in the production of testosterone and increases libido. Also, catuaba boosts mood, gives stamina, enhances sex drive.

Muira puama. Another plant with powerful aphrodisiac properties. In Brazil, it is called the power tree. Muira puama extract enhances the sensitivity of the penis and gives a lively feeling during sex.

Emblik (emla, Indian gooseberry, balan gray). An extract from the berries and seeds of this plant, which grows in Southeast Asia, helps increase the duration of sex and improves the quality of sperm.

Peruvian Maca. It increases sperm motility, prolongs erection and stimulates blood circulation in the penis. In addition, Peruvian poppy has a beneficial effect on the prostate and increases the body’s stamina.

Tribulus. It is an extract from the aerial part of Creeping Tribulus, known for its properties to increase libido, fight impotence caused by stress and affect the duration of sexual intercourse. Also, such a plant extract increases sexual desire and testosterone production, which positively affects male potency.

Complex of zinc, L-arginine and nicotinic acid. The combination of these substances improves the quality of ejaculation, and also contributes to better microcirculation in the pelvic area in men. In addition, this complex heals the body as a whole and increases endurance during sexual intercourse.

All the listed ingredients included in the capsule have passed stringent tests. Thanks to these herbal ingredients present in the composition of Adamour you can not only improve the quality of sex, but also prolong sexual intercourse for a long time.

Indications and instructions for use of Adamour

The company suggests taking 1 pill of Adamour once or twice a day before meals.

  1. Take 1 capsule and up to 2 times a day. Take it, at least, 30 minutes before a meal.
  2. If necessary, take a third 20 minutes before with a glass of water or fruit juice.
  3. Consume daily for an entire calendar month, drinking plenty of fluids. You can also consume alcohol.

Adamour is a pill that fully restores potency. It can also be used to prevent benign prostatic dysplasia and prostatitis. In addition, the indications for taking the capsules are:

  • Erectile dysfunction resulting from stress.
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Decreased potency; anxiety due to anxiety caused by stress and anxiety from anxiety-related stress.
  • Loss of libido.

Erection occurs 10 minutes after taking a capsule. You will receive unforgettable pleasure together with your partner. The sensitivity of the penis increases 4 times and the amount of semen ejected from the penis during ejaculation increases 3 times.


Contraindication for admission is individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition. Overdose can cause insomnia, increased heart rate and stomach upset. The manufacturer warns that men over 60 years of age should consult a doctor before taking Adamour.

Reviews about the action of Adamour for erection

Many doctors recommend their patients before taking any other action to try Adamour which they describe as a natural viagra. Men with potency problems can quickly regain their strength and libido. Experts recommend this drug not only for treatment, but also for prevention to anyone who has even minor erection problems.

The capsules have a completely natural composition and all the ingredients included in them have passed mandatory certification. In addition, the substances in the composition do not contain any chemical and toxic substances. Below are customer reviews about the drug Adamour, which you can order on the official website of the manufacturer www.adamour.com. Men are honest about taking these capsules. All the opinions below are collected on social networks and thematic forums.

Adamour Pill original price and where to buy?

Due to its powerful penis enhancement action, Adamour is only available on the manufacturer’s official website www.adamοur.com. The popularity of the supplement has resulted in the emergence of many sophisticates selling fake products claiming to be Adamour . The manufacturer of adamour, has limited the sales channel to its own online store only.

Why such a decision? Some sellers, based on the popularity of the preparation, sometimes artificially increase the price and introduce fake ones with a label with the name of the original. Which makes it a bad idea to buy the Adamour preparation from unknown sources. The only verified place is the official online store of the manufacturer.

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